We are accounting contractors and business advisors, leveraging our deep industry expertise and analytical skill to help our clients make informed decisions more quickly and manage their businesses better.

Many small and medium sized businesses, and business units within larger companies can benefit from a more flexible, tailored service offering that matches their business requirements and financial capacity.


We help business owners and business unit managers manage their businesses better by implementing management tools, helping execute business plans, driving efficiencies and monitoring and managing performance better.

Retail, manufacturing, oil and gas, professional services and education to name a few. We leverage broad experience across industries to consider more options and implement better solutions.

We analyse the value chain, the business plan, risk and review management tools. We evaluate the options and resources available to the company and categorise by value add. We execute or monitor the execution of value added alternatives.


Depth and breadth of experience

I have been employed in private and large public companies in many different industries including retail, engineering, manufacturing and services. I have worked around the world in Europe and Australia. I have had a broad range of consulting assignments in Turnaround and Recovery, Performance Management, Accounting, M&A, Tax, Audit.

Professional and ethical

As a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand my firm and I are bound by a code of ethics and required to follow professional standards. Chartered Accountants are trained for a minimum of 6 years and required to undertake professional development training. My firm has a Certificate of Public Practice enabling it to offer services to the public.

Cost effective solutions

Our overheads are low and will always be low meaning cost savings can be passed on to you. We are a contracting and consulting company meaning we offer hourly, daily or weekly rates and you don’t pay for unproductive time. Fixed cost is minimised, commitment risk low and we move with the requirements of the business.  We value long term flexible relationships in order to generate good knowledge of the business.

Financial... and business management

Smaller businesses require broader experience. We are a company that offers more than accounting/financial solutions.  We believe that in order to add value organisations should horizontally integrate the organisation, from strategy formulation through to execution. As such, our skills also span strategy, IT systems, operations, project management, and HR.

Best practice financial and business management

We are a company that searches continually for best practice in financial and business management. This process often involves replacing more traditional forms of financial follow up with management techniques such as dashboards, balanced scorecards, rolling forecasts and so on.

Innovative and original

Every business is different, every business must be adaptive to change and every business requires different solutions. We believe new and innovative solutions to business problems should always be tested and considered. What set of solutions will drive value in your organisation?

Business Communication."The goal is to provide inspiring information that moves people to action"
- Guy Kawasaki


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